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2025 Arctic Cat 858  stock dyno test pre and post actual breakin
we compare the Catalyst 858 torque and HP curve to the 850 Polaris and 850 SkiDoo

Polaris 850 Boost tuning  Speedwerx muffler options and ECU tuning
Mod stock muffler, quiet Trail Lightweight, L2 muffler all tested with stock ECU and Stages and 4.0

2024 SkiDoo MXZ850comp  New H2O/methanol injected 850 twostroke turbo
Tested stock and with HotRod Sled Shop reflashes, new Jaws exh w/ stock ECU and HRSS Jaws reflashes

2024 AC Catalyst 600  1000 mile demo sled/ 50 mile production sled
compare well broken in demo sled with Billy Howards 50 mile production sled

'23 SkiDoo SummitX TurboR  Stock, HRSS reflashes and new Jaws Turbo Exh
Pump gas stock evaluation compared to Jaws, and HotRodSledShop reflashes for both exhaust systems

2023 Polaris 9RMatryxRMK  Dyno tested pre and post breakin of rings.
Compare torque and HP curves of the new 900 with our well broken in 850 Patriot.

PolarisBoostTurboTuning  Hot Rod Sled ShopTorque Link Reflashes
pump gas, 100 octane and 114 octane tunes for trail riding or lake racing.

SkiDooSummitTurboTuning  Hot Rod Sled Shop Torque Link Reflashes
pump gas, 100 octane and 114 octane tunes for trail riding or lake racing.

SkiDoo 900R pump gas mods  SkiDoo 900R with Hurricane ECU and components
Hurricane replacement ECU, two intercoolers, midpipe, muffler tested with 90.8 octane pump gas.

2003 SkiDoo 800 non-HO  updating early engines to modern HP levels
Altering ports to Race Logic templates, optimal aftermarket pipe, more optimal combustion chamber design

2023 Polaris Boost VR1  Stock evaluation and tuning for higher HP
Add 20 hp on pump gas, and even more with higher octane tunes!

2021 SkiDoo Mach-Z Turbo  Stock production engine dyno test results
Compare the Mach-Z turbo to Ace 900 turbo and the original Ace 900

Turbocharged CTEC 800  "Solid Legend" turbo system on <93 octane
designed for high altitude riding, this system is quite happy on a bone stock CTEC 800 here at 1000

2021 Polaris 850 Patriot  Single pipe dyno shootout
Stock vs BMP vs SPI single pipes dyno tested with stock muffler, stock Ypipe and stock ECU

2020 "HK" Field Shootout  2021 zero mile dealer provided sleds
Cat 800 & TCat, Polaris 650 Patriot, SkiDoo E-TEC 600 & 850, Ace Turbo

Kevin Cameron  ROLE OF RPM to the Top
RPM, torque, BMEP, IntakeAirVelocity, 2cycleVS4cycle, portTimingVSvalves&camTiming, BoreVSstroke,

21 Polaris 850 VR1 Matrix  Stock ECU vs BCM pump gas reflash
breakin mode vs non-breakin mode vs fade free BCM VR1 Matrix Torque Link reflash

2021 Polaris 600R EFI  compare Polaris EFI vs carbed vs 600RS ETEC
all engines dyno tested on Sunoco Surge spec fuel, still waiting for Cat 600 Snocross race engine

Polaris 850 Patriot  measuring coolant flow through engine
coolant flow disparity between IQR600 and 850 Patriot, deto must be minimized, HP must be maximized?

2020 Arctic Cat Ctec2 800  pipe testing on stock and trail ported engine
Stock engine stock pipe, SSI pipemod, D&D, SW, BMP, Jaws and higher HP AA ported w Jaws pipe

NY Shootout XXXI  dyno certification of the 2020 shootout sleds
Compare Ctec800 2019vs2020, Etec 850 Etec 2019vs2020 and other observations

Etec 850 pipe update  Stock vs revised Jaws vs new D&D
2017 early production renegade tested with 91.6 (R+M)/2 pump gas

2020 Arctic Cat Ctec2 800  Stock production engine dyno test results
5 hours light load operation to break in the ECU, sled from Arctic Adventures' Tom Ferry

850 Patriot pipe testing  Trail mod 850 stock, BMP single, SSI pipe mod
Trying to make sense of the occasional HP fade that not all 850s experience.

AC Ctec 800 pipe update  dyno testing with stock and advanced timing
Stock vs Speedwerx pipe and Ypipe, Jaws pipe and Y pipe, SSI pipe mod

HP required to pump H2O  Hentges/ FPP Polaris 600 IQR mod
What power is required to mechanically pump coolant through the engine, compared with an electric pump?

SkiDoo Etec 850 pipes  aftermarket Y pipes and single pipes
Jaws production hi and low elev, BMP high and low elev, DynoPort, SLP all with stock and adv timing

AmSnow DTR Shootout XXX  Dyno certification of 2019 performance sleds
Cat 600, 800 & ZR9000, Polaris 600, 800 & 850, SkiDoo 600R & 850, Yamaha Sidewinder SRX

SkiDoo Etec 850  new Jaws Performance Pipe and Ypipe
compare Jaws pipe to stock pipe on pump gas, add timing with pump gas for 43 seconds at WOT = big HP

Precision EFI ECU reflash  SkiDoo Ace Turbo and Arctic Cat Ctec-2 800
low-buck improvements in 91 octane pump gas HP with Arctic Adventures and Howard's Inc

Hypersports HRC-4 engine  1000+ HP turbocharged snowmobile race engine
Craig Campton, Glenn Hall, Dan Fisher and race sled owner Scott Laskowski raise the bar at DTR

2019 Polaris 850 Patriot  Production Axys 850 stock evaluation
examining the all-new engine with Polaris engineers Darren Hedlund and Dallas Blake, and Joe DiSpirito

2019 SkiDoo Ace 900 Turbo  625 mile preproduction demo sled
initial stock dyno test data with Billy Howard of Howards Inc SkiDoo, Arctic Cat and Kubota

2018 SkiDoo Etec 850  timing and exhaust component testing
BMP, Dynoport, SLP and Aaen single pipes, a host of Ypipes and mufflers tested with the stock pipe.

SkiDoo Etec 600R  2018.5 SkiDoo MXZX Etec 600R in breakin mode
Arctic Adventures' new Etec 600R zero miles compared to 2018 Etec 600 zero miles + timing added

2018 Arctic Cat Ctec 800  new Jaws full exhaust and Dynojet PCV
Stock vs full Jaws exhaust vs Jaws exhaust with stock muffler, all with optimized fuel and timing curves

2018 ZR8000 Ctec tuneup  maximizing pump gas HP with PCV tuning
optimizing fuel flow and ignition timing with a Dynojet 11-029 tuner, plus a test of the SSI stock pipe "mod"...

Sidewinder HP improvement  D&D and Excell collaborate to make more HP
Excell stainless muffler, PCV with Dial-a-boost without touching ECU, then several D&D reflashes for even more HP

AmSnow/ DTR Shootout #29  Dyno certification of 2018 performance sleds
Ctec600, Ctec800, Etec600, Etec800, Axys600, Axys800, Sidewinder

Hypersports new record HP  Hypersports Agent Orange 4.0 on methanol
Dave Morris' Red Cup Racing Super-Stroker Suzuki, tested as run at HayDays and with boost turned up even more

TCat/ Sidewinder upgrades  Speedwerx mufflers w/ Precision EFI reflashes
Speedwerx 2.25" and 2.5" stainless quiet mufflers tested with Precision EFI stage I, II, and III ECU reflashes

Polaris Axys 860 big bore  Excellent HP improvement from Terra Alps
Caputo's Performance tuned this 860 with stock exhaust and SLP single pipe on true pump gas.

Adding HP with ethanol  dyno tuning a Cat 800 stocker with E15 fuel
optimizing fuel and timing for max HP with both 5% and 15% ethanol pump gas. Low buck HP improvement!

2018 Arctic Cat ZR8000  new CTEC engine pre and post breakin
compare new ZR8000 to the AmSnow/ DTR Shootout 800+cc pre-breakin engines

Arctic Cat 900+cc engine  800 bigbore, dyno tested five times
All "big bores" are not created equally--port shapes and timing are critical as this five session evaluation indicates

AC 800/ SSI 950 big bore  testing the effects of increased turbulence
A to B, .072 squish vs. .039 squish with identical 14/1 comp ratio, fuel flow and timing optimized for both. Thanks to Kevin Cameron for this test!

Pol CFI2 800 pipe update  Stock ProR800 with Vforce 3R reeds
compare stock to Aaen, SLP, and new SSI titanium single pipes

MCX turbo Yamaha Viper  MCX "270 Kit" on 91.8 octane pump gas
compare this 270 kit to the 190 kit (posted here 1/7/14) and to a stock Viper

Boondocker Turbo System  Polaris CFI2 800 RMK set up for pump gas
Low friction ball bearing Garrett turbo, low compression RKT head = record setting reliable HP on real pump gas

TCat/ Sidewinder upgrades  D&D Powersports' 91.8 R+M/2 octane HP
Stock, mod stock muffler, Tec2 muffler PCV, Tec2 muffler PCV dialaboost, Tec2 muffler dialaboost w/ reflash ECU!

Pol Axys 800/ 840 stroker  Terra Alps' incredible pump gas hotrod
Could this be the 2018 Polaris Axys engine?--proven reliable, tested here with stock and Jaws single pipe.

2017 Etec 850  tuning for max HP with ethanol in the fuel
AmSnow/DTR shootout sled tested wth 91 nonethanol and 12% ethanol fuel, various timing while still inbreakin mode.

AmSnow/ DTR Shootout!  Dyno certification of stockers at Shootout 27
2017 Arctic Cat ZR8, ZR8, ZR9, Polaris Axys6, Axys 8, SkiDoo Etec6, Etec850, Yamaha Sidewinder

2017 Polaris Axys 800  breakin session, new single pipe testing
Compare bone stock to SSI stainless, SPI, BMP, and Jaws...ignition timing tweaks and questions raised!

Hypersports' dyno session  three amazing max HP race sleds tuned at DTR
max HP TCat, Max (!) PUMP gas HP FBomb trail Cat, Max HP Outlaw Strychnine full mod [even more to come...]

Sidewinder/TCat turbo  Full Power Performance Fuel Manager
Adding the proper amount of fuel to compensate for high flow mufflers = maximum safe horsepower!

2017 XF9000 turbo  stock production sled from Howard's Inc
tested stock and with Speedwerx prototype high flow muffler, with both non ethanol and ethanol fuel

ZR8000 pump gas trail mod  D&D "High Port" Riot Kit
compare the optional High Port Riot Kit to the standard Riot Kit tested on 11/22/15

2017 AC Thundercat turbo  zero mile early production sled
Different than the preproduction Sidewinder demo sled, we explain why and show the difference in fuel flow tuning makes

2017 SkiDoo Etec 850  preproduction demo sled with 1000+ miles
thanks to Tom Ferry of Arctic Adventures for the 850, and Jim Cooper of Cooper's S&S for BUDS2 & help

2017 Yamaha Sidewinder  new 998cc turbo four stroke
most powerful stock sled engine ever, powering the Sidewinder and Arctic Cat Thundercat!

2016 SkiDoo Etec 800  low buck hopups comparing Y pipes phase 3
A different, slightly more powerful stock 2016 Etec800 with D&D Ypipe and Crankshop stock donut version!

SkiDoo Etec 800 mods  low buck hopups--Y pipe shootout Phase 2
stock vs SSI stainless, Terra Alps, Crankshop, BMP, Petschke, SPI, and SPI pipe and two mufflers

Polaris Axys 800 HO  Pipe/ Pipe mod Shootout!
compare stock with Aaen, BMP, SLP, SSI and Terra Alps stock pipe mods, and a great PCV fuel and timing map!!!

Shootout XXVI Addendum  more dyno test data on Shootout XXVI stockers
pre and post-breakin, timing tweaks, and low-buck D&D pump gas hopups for the ZR9000

AmSnow/ DTR SHOOTOUT 26   2016 stock performance sled certification
Dyno test: Cat 600+800+turbo, Etec 600+800, Axys 600+800, YamViper+Viper MPI turbo

2016 Polaris Axys SKS 800  stock evaluation and tuned aftermarket pipes
40 breakin dyno tests, then compare stock vs BMP single pipe vs SSI pipe mod vs SSI pipe mod w/ PCV tune

ZR8000 w/ D&D Riot Kit  D&D Powersports pump gas performance upgrades
We dyno test each Riot Kit component separately--LTS head, Ypipe, 2 deg key, pipe, XPS muffler, Bullseyes

Polaris CFI2800 trail mod  adding 18HP to a SLP Stage 4 engine
lowered compression with a head and shimmed cylinder, then spot-on tuning of fuel and spark w/ PCV

Fuel Volatility  discussion of fuel's "front ends"
stale fuel is rampant, testing RVP at home, effect of volatility on combustion chamber conditions

2015 Arctic Cat XF8000  cheap performance improvements
D&D Y pipe, stock muffler inlet restrictors, timing adjustments, add up to lots of HP for $300

2015 Axys 800HO update 3  another stocker to compare to 1-5
Dave M. complained about poor performance, but was his HP goofing up his clutching, or vice versa?

2015 Axys 800HO update II  5 different Axys 800s tested and compared
Compare Axys 800s with 0, 50, 1200, 1200 and 2200 miles--wildly different results!

More Axys 800 HO data  Fun Unlmited's 800 HO Shootout sled
more questions raised by comparing new Axys #1 to new Shootout Axys to Todd's 1200 mile Axys...

TURBULENCE NEEDED!  Kevin Cameron: turbulent vs laminar flow
modern thinking on maximizing HP by optimizing squish clearance and engine cooling system design

2015 Axys 800HO update  stock sled #1, also with 1200 miles on it
this is Heath's Axys originally posted on 10/7/14, has HP vastly different than the one posted yesterday...

2015 Axys 800HO update  stock sled #2, this one with 1200 miles

Polaris CFI2 800 upgrade  RKTek Rev 2 dropin kit
bringing the CFI2 800 up to and beyond the performance of the new 800 HO engine, on 92 octane gas

2015 Etec 800  "Post-breakin" with 30+ gal of fuel consumed
compare HP of this broken-in 2015 to the out-of-the-crate 2014 and 2015 AmSnow Shootout Etec 800s

SSI turbo Cat upgrades  Speed Shop Inc. pump gas flash & muffler
Erich Long is back, this time with 260HP ECU reflash and 3" turbine outlet/ quiet muffler

FPP turbo SkiDoo 4tec  new Dobeck AFR+ closed loop fuel controller!
Stage 4 turbo system, using AFR+ to optimize fuel, and water meth injection to make max HP on pump gas

2015 Polaris IQR 600  tuning carbs and timing for MAX HP
new light crankshaft and VForce3R reeds--compare to previous IQR 600

AmSnow/DTR Shootout XXV  details of the dyno certification
compare 120, 150, turbo class dyno results--compare 2015 to 2014 when HP is lower or higher

2015 Polaris 800HO engine  2015 Polaris Axys with the new engine
77 dyno tests, test both original and an ECU with breakin mode removed, tested in 30 degree dry air

Yamaha Viper  Excell exhaust and intake improvements
compare bone stock to lower backpressure muffler, and tuned airbox with outside air intake

Etec 800 D&D trail port  Compare stock reeds vs Boyesen Rad Valves
also airflow/ HP improvements with preproduction Boyesen Viton sealed/ dampened/ insulated Rage Cages!

Polaris ProR 800  new style rubber-dampened VForce3 reeds
compare airflow, horsepower, and fuel tuning with 2012, 2013, and 2014 ECU calibration

SkiDoo 600RS  modifying for maximum horsepower!
Various pipes, port configuration, compression ratios, target 170HP

DETONATION  a technical explanation by Kevin Cameron
Causes, effects, avoidance... understanding the chemistry = better tuning!

2014 Yamaha Viper  MC-Xpress "190" turbo system
dyno tested with 91.4 octane fuel, compare HP curve to 2014 stocker

Supercharged Yamaha Apex  Truro Recreation Centrifugal Supercharger
Installed by Bender Racing Canada, tuned with no clicks of detonation with 91.1 octane R+M/2!!!!

2014 ZR8000  Muffler comparison, Phase 2
SLP, MBRP, Speedwerx, BMP and D&D Riot Kit with Stock, D&D, and Jaws exhaust

AmSnow Shootout XXIV  Dyno certification of the 2014 stockers
Cat XF6000, 7000, 8000, Etec 600 & 800, Viper vs XF7000!, Polaris Indy 600 & 800

2014 Polaris Indy 800  Boyesen Rad Valve test
Compare drastic difference in fuel curve from 2013-2014, compare stock reeds to Boyesen Rad Valves

ZR8000 stocker  compare aftermarket mufflers & Jaws single
horspower, dB, airflow, backpressure, and appearance

Etec 800 pump gas mods  CrankShop Essex Junction VT TrailPort
testing higher airflow engine with timing, fuel flow, Y pipes and single pipes on 92.7 octane

SkiDoo 600RS race engine  FPP engine mods, Jaws high RPM pipes
Jake Lehnen's quest for SkiDoo 600 HP to match the Hentges /racing Polaris 600 mods

SkiDoo ETEC 800 turbo  dealer-installed FPP pump gas trail sled
Full Power Performance system tested on Maine pump gas by Kevin Freeman

Two-Stroke Turbo Update  Gus Bohne Turbo Tuning, Phase II
Turbo Mach Z twin, now with twin pipes, Turbo HTG 1080 triple, now with dialed in carburetion

Yamaha Nytro 2014?  new stuff is coming--could this be it?
improvements in driveline technology could be the new frontier!

SkiDoo ETEC 800 Ypipe  Petschke Motorsports custom Y pipe
compare stock Y pipe airflow CFM and HP vs Petschke Y pipe

2012 dyno certification  AmSnow/ DTR NY shootout
Stock 120, 150, and Unlimited sled class comparisons include SC Nytro, & turning up the boost

2013 Polaris 600 IQR  new mod rules call for revised port timing!
compare 2012 Cat, SkiDoo, and Polaris 600 snocrossers to this powerful new 2013 stocker

2012 Etec 800  production Rad Valves, PCV fuel tuning!
rad Valves vs Stock reeds, Maxing out fuel flow with new PCV, adding more HP with pipe swap

AC ProCross 800 big bore  Bikeman 900cc pump gas trail big bore
Dyno tune session with all the BMP big bore options, perfect cold weather PCV tune

Closed Loop EFI tuning  Pinnacle Performance piggy-back controller
assess response time to achieve commanded A/F ratio, and assess accuracy

Coolant flow testing  SkiDoo 600 with and without CPC couplers
those harmless looking quick couplers can sap your performance if installed improperly!

Polaris 600 SnoX Engines  the evolution of the Hentges Racing 600 mods
documented HP improvements each year from 2006-2012

SkiDoo ETEC 800  Boyesen Rad Valve test
compare stock reeds airflow CFM and HP to Boyesen Rad Valve reed cages

2012 SkiDoo Etec 800  compare HP with various ECU tuning
breakin vs nonbreakin, vs 2013 reflash, vs tweaking timing for max HP, cold engine vs hot engine

2012 F1100T UPGRADES  JD Powersports ECU reflash and exhaust
test JDP 4 switch selection tunes with stock muffler, quiet trail muffler, and 3" ID lakerace exhaust

Yamaha Apex/ Yamacharger  stock Apex with inexpensive light boost tune
compare stock Apex to Yamacharged Apex with stock, MBRP, and Bender mufflers plus PCV added fuel

Etec 800 turbo  Full Power Performance trail turbo system
big power increases shown with 3, 5, 7, and 8 psi boost. More left on the table!

Trail Mod ProCross 800  This is the sled D&D ran at the '11 Shootout
D&D trailport hotrod package and quiet exhaust, tuned to max power on pump gas!

two stroke Turbo Trilogy  Gus Bohne turbo systems on three engines
DNE 1700 quad, Mach Z 1000 twin, HTG 1080 triple--record HP is made on this day!

Z1/ F1100T tuning  turbo Dynamics ECU reflash/ 4 switch tuner
maximum pump gas HP with pump gas/ water methanol injection to suppress detonation

Yam Apex HP improvements  D&D Powersports inexpensive mods
increase airflow and HP with exhaust and intake mods plus excellent PCV fuel tuning

2011 Adirondack Shootout  stock 2012 model dyno certification
compare all 120hp class & 150hp class sleds torque and hp with fuel tuning information

2012 SkiDoo 600RS  stock snocross 100 octane race engine
compare 2012/early engines, comments by CrankShop engine modifier Will Doe

2012 Arctic Cat 800/925  RK Tek 925cc big bore on pump gas
incredible HP-- compare RK Tek big bore with perfect tuning, stock vs D&D single pipe

Yamaha Nytro Turbo  Full Power Performance trail turbo system
all stock engine-- create incredible HP by matching octane to boost, with accurate fuel tuning

XF1100T Outlaw Drag Sled  the DTR Horsepower record is eclipsed again!
we learn what it takes to increase the stock engine's 180HP to over 600HP!

2012 Cat ProCross 800  stock evaluation & asphalt dyno tune
compare 2011 vs 2012, fuel tweaks, timing tweaks, backpressure tweaks, Boyesen Rad Valves

Z1 turbo dragracer  D&D "Magic" engine and turbo system
Eight HP per cubic inch is doable with proper parts and tuning!

Snowmobile Emissions  EPA rules and test procedures
explaine by Ryan Hayes, Arctic Cat Inc. Engine Development/ Calibration Engineer

Critical dyno test data  peak HP RPM vs average pipe gas temp
using test data to create best acceleration with no guessing!

DNE 1700 radar run sled  upgraded to turbo boost
new DTR torque record, more to come when we rev it over 6500 next time

SkiDoo XP800R trail mod  Boyesen Rad Valve test
compare stock reeds to Boyesen rad valve cages

2011 Polaris ProR 800  Pipe Shootout, and cheap engine mods
Compare stock to Aaen, BMP, DynoPort, SLP then raise cylinders with a shim kit and hang on!

2010-11 Crossfire 800  compare stock reeds vs Boyesen Rad Valves
airflow % increase = horsepower % increase

SkiDoo ETEC 800  losing HP after some period at WOT?
analysis of previous dyno test data may explain the phenomenon

AC Crossfire/ M1000  Y pipe and single pipe shootout!
compare stock to BMP, D&D, SLP, and Speedwerx

Crankshop 1500 triple  The most powerful triple two stroke at DTR
Compare early "10" pipes to more powerful "22" pipes

2010 Adirondack Shootout  AmSnow/ DTR shootout sled dyno certification
compare torque and HP of all the 600/ 800 class sleds at this year's shootout at Woodgate, NY

Crossfire 800 turbo  Boondocker turbo system on D&D 901
Glenn Hall dyno tunes this big bore crossfire to max HP for hillgragracing, lakeracing

Modern dyno technology  recording data 100x per second
reading between the lines of a typical dyno test on our Crossfire 800 pipe shootout

2011 new, stock 800s  eastern sled dealers' "real world shootout"
Arctic Adventures, Livingston Arctic Cat, Victory Motorsports with zero mile 800cc sleds

Polaris ProR800 "tuneup"  shimming cylinders to match the D8
compare airflow SCFM stock vs cylinders raised to make ProR800 port timing = Dragon 800

Arctic Cat Crossfire/M800  single pipe Shootout, session 2
SLP Crossfire/ M800 pipe tested, new BMP Y pipe compared to stock and D&D single

2010 Polaris Dragon 800  final April flash fuel flow vs prior flashes
also compare stock vs. CPI twin pipes

Arctic Cat Crossfire/M800  single pipe Shootout
compare Ypipes, single pipes to see who has best torque, best HP on pump gas

2011 Polaris Pro R 800  production sled stock evaluation
compare ECU with and without breakin mode, lean out fuel flow for max power

Arctic Cat Z1 turbo  Turbo Dynamics ECU tuning/ upgrades
Max power on pump gas with large intercooler, high flow exhaust, and ECU reprogramming

2011 Yamaha Apex  preproduction sled w/ EXUP
detailed HP/TQ comparison w/ 2010, and Kevin Cameron explains EXUP

Z1 Turbo Lakeracer  D&D Powersports's latest HP upgrade
bigger turbo, intercooler, extra injectors, cnc porting, turbo cams, etc etc

2011 Polaris Rush 800  preproduction stocker compare to Dragon 800
different HP curves, influenced greatly with Power Commander V tuning

SkiDoo 4tec header update  testing the new Hindle Exhaust System
Use the PCV to tune Hindle vs MBRP vs DynoPort quiet muffler for maximum horsepower

Yamaha Nytro Exhaust  Hindle tuned header and muffler system
compare bone stock Nytro vs stock header & Hindle muffler, Hindle header & stock muffler, Hindle header & Hindle muffler

2010 Dragon 800  annoyingly lean midrange, and goofily fat WOT
DynoTechJim's theory of causes of the infamous stumble, and possible ways to rectify

2010 1/2 SkiDoo Etec800  Great power with low emissions!
test data stock, BMP Y pipe, DynoPort single pipe, more power to come when we can manage fuel flow....

Polaris FST turbo  performance improvements on pump gas
stock 07 vs 08, then ELA muffler, Racecraft intercooler, Martin Filfe ECU reprogramming

AmSnow/ DTR Shootout XX  certification dyno test data and comparison
Rush, Etec, F6, Vector EFI, D8, XP800, F8, Apex, XF1000, Z1, Nytro, Cat SnoPro500

another DTR HP record  Justin Durand's Vmax4 custom turbo system
spring steel reed petals, no more signs of fiber reed breaking/ burning

SkiDoo 4tec 1200  header and muffler upgrades
compare stock w/ Straightline, MBRP, Crankshop-DynoPort headers, various mufflers, fuel tuning with Power Commander V

2010 AC F8 vs X Fire 800  compare stock HP, and with D&D exhaust
F8 stock vs Crossfire stock, then both with D&D Y pipe and D&D single pipes, stock factory muffler

2010 Arctic Cat F8  our first production sled on day two
tested stock, with PCV leaned mixture, D&D Ypipe, and D&D single pipe

Crankshop SkiDoo XP800R  trail mod, ported and with CS exhaust
dyno test data optimizing fuel flow with our own pump gas for max HP, compare to DynoPort XP800 trailmod

2010 Arctic Cat 800  first production sled
baseline testing from 100 degree coolant temp, through 130+ degree coolant temp

SkiDoo 4 Tek  2010 Full Power Stage II on pump gas
lower compression forged turbo pistons allow greater power and durability

Polaris Dragon 800  used 09 upgraded to 2010 specs, final recall
stock, compared to BMP, SLP, and DynoPort pipes plus tuning fuel with new Power Commander V

Vmax 4 w/ Garrett Turbo  our fourth 500+ HP dyno tune
Justin Durand tunes his radar run sled up to 30 psi boost, more to come

N.A.N.O. Nitrous Oxide  DynoPort XP800 single pipe mod engine
adding 50 HP per hole is sort of easy with constant 900 psi N2O pressure from full bottle to empty

D&D 901 big bore twin  installed on 2010 Xfire 800
compare stock 2010 F/M/Xfire 800 with added 100cc bigger bore D&D kit on pump gas.

One Stop Performance Apex  the third member of the DTR 500 HP club
world record ET/ MPH dragracer requires world record HP. we help OSP tune for even more.

D&D's Z1 Turbo Upgrades  new DTR pump gas HP record
larger turbo/ intercooler, supplemental fuel, water/ methanol injection to create ultimate pump gas performance

09 Arctic Cat SnoPro 600  compare to SkiDoo and Polaris SnoX 600's
dyno test data optimizing fuel flow and timing for max HP

09 Dragon 800 "Reflash"  Casey Mulkins' stocker with reflash
Stock, SLP, BMP, DynoPort ex, PCIII mapping, reduced compression ratio, BMP ported cylinder

Power Commander 3 Map  Stock Dragon 800 w/ 1/31/09 reflash
maximum HP on pump gas w/ SLP exhaust (160 plus)

2010 Arctic Cat F8  preproduction sled stock evaluation
technical info plus compare HP curve w/ all 2008 800 twins

SkiDoo XP800R  trail/ lake race mod engines
compare 09 XP800 stocker to DynoPort trail port 800 and Bikeman Performance 880 big bore

Arctic Cat Z1 turbo  D&D HiJacker boost/ fuel controller
we take the Z1 to the limit of 91 octane pump gas, then go to the max of the turbo with race gas

09 Crossfire 800 tuneup  D&D shim kit/ Y pipe/ Single pipe
compare stock vs shimmed cyls, stock vs D&D y pipe, stock pipe vs D&D single pipe

08 Polaris Dragon 700  latest reflash December 2008
compare stock vs SLP and DynoPort Pipe, then lean out with PCIII to significant HP, 10 pages

09 AC Crossfire 1000  stock evaluation and bolt-on mods
compare box stock vs BMP Ypipe, BMP single pipe, Boyesen Rad valves, big air intake

09 SkiDoo 4Tek  stock production sled from CJ Mororsports
compare to preproduction, also with Full Power Perf tuned header and higher flowing mufler

09 Production Z1 turbo  bone stock evaluation
compare cool intercooler during high speed vs hot intercooler during low speed WOT operation

Boosted Yamaha Nytro  turbocharging vs supercharging
compare Ulmer/ Turbo Conncetion turbo system vs. Mountain Performance supercharger

Yamaha Nytro upgrades  Ulmer Racing N.A. performance improvements
airbox mods, filters, Excell three-one header, glasspack muffler

09 Dragon 800 Switchback  unusually lean and powerful Dragon 800
perhaps some sort of anomaly, excellent stock HP without the aid of a PCIII or Boondocker.....

09 Pol Dragon 800 prod.  fuel tuning w/ new Power Commander PCIII
stock baseline, plus many iterations of pipes/ mod pipes/ mufflers/ etc (more will be forthcoming)

SkiDoo 4Tec 1200  exhaust system upgrades
Full Power Performance tuned header with stock muffler/ FP muffler,

SkiDoo 4TEK Trail Turbo  Full Power Stage II turbo system
six HP printouts, boost adjusted for 87 octane and up to 108 octane, and steps in between

NEW DTR HP/TQ RECORD  D&D/ Boondocker F1200 turbo dragracer
Custom race turbo system, larger turbo, lots of boost and six injectors worth of high octane fuel

2009 Arctic Cat Z1 Turbo  preproduction stock evaluation
pump gas stock & w/ high flow muffler & added boost w/ D&D control, plus 100 octane tune, 110 octane tune

SkiDoo 4Tek trail turbo  Full Power Performance turbo 87 octane tuneup
compare lowest boost pump gas setting to higher boost setting

Turbo SkiDoo 4Tek  custom lake race turbocharger system
bone stock engine tuned with race gas and boost pressure

Factory stock SnoX racers  Polaris 600IQ and SkiDoo 600RS
compare HP/TQ curves when tuned to max power, compare BSFC

Arctic Cat 2008-9 F8  stock engine evaluation
compare F8 to SkiDoo XP800 and Polaris Dragon 800, all bone stock as delivered

Polaris Dragon 800  tested with final 09 calibration ECU
compare 08.5 cal to 09 cal, compare stock exhaust to BMP mod stock single and SLP single/ Y/ Can muffler

SkiDoo 4Tech 1200  2008 SkiDoo demo sled
part throttle fuel consumption, full throttle HP, compare HP/ TQ to Yamaha Nytro,

08.5 Polaris Dragon 800  stock evaluation with aftermarket pipes
compare stock vs SLP single vs BMP modified stock pipe

ETEC vs SDI 07 & 08  meaningful airflow and HP comparisons
thanks to Kevin Cameron, Sean Ray, Jim Cooper and Billy Howard for trying to solve this mystery

Yamaha SRX/ SXR triples  Bender big bore 835/ 800
modernizing the 2000 era Yamah triples to modern HP and performance, low total buck, big output

one more09 SkiDoo 600ETEC  Billy Howard's "broke in" demo sled
my new $600 airflow meter might help answer the question--"where's the HP?"

2007 Adirondack Shootout  SnowGoer/ SnowWeek/ DTR Shootout
actual test data obtained during the 18th annual Shootout dyno certification

New DTR all motor record  HTG XCR1640 four cylinder lake racer
textbook tuneup, added 99 HP in three hour tuneup

XP800R pipe shootout  08 SkiDoo XP800R stock engine
tested bone stock with tuning, then Aaen, CPI, and DynoPort single pipes, plus DynoPort and BMP Y pipes

after six hours of run time, HP, fuel flow, BSFC (record low at part throttle) A/F ratio (record low reading)

NEW DTR HP/TQ RECORD  DNE 1725 Quad, now with N2O injection
Tommy McConkey's radar run engine, dyno tested NA and with DNE's semi-direct N2O injection

Pipe Center Section Temp  critical for exact clutch tuning
stock 800HO w/ BMP single, Cudney head, V Force reeds tested with cool, warm, hot pipe temperature

SkiDoo XP800R stage tune  stock 800 with aftermarket bolt-ons
Bondi airbox, Bikeman Ypipe, Bikeman billet head, Boyesen Rad Valves, Boyesen X wings, timing, jetting

SnowWeek/ DTR Shootout  600 class and open class stockers
Graphs only, showing representative HP curves of all stockers at 18th annual SW/DTR Shootout

08 Yamaha Nytro  Excell exhaust system horsepower improvements
compare stock header with and without muffler, to Excell header/ mufflers/ fuel tweaks/ timing tweaks

Yamaha Apex CPR turbo  stock Apex with Simons front mount turbo
compare lowest boost pump gas setting to higher boost setting

SnowWeek/DTRshootout  trail and lake mod entries
MPH and ETs of trail mods 1000ft and lake mods 660 ft

F1000 pipe comparison  aftermarket Y pipes/ single pipes/ cans
compare stock exhaust with Speedwerx, D&D, and Bikeman exhaust components

ZR900 trail modifications  Tom Mango
pump gas tuning with mods/ parts cherry picked from five different companies

Stock Polaris Dragon 700  BMP modified stock pipe evaluation
compare stock exhaust with Bikeman Performance modified stock single pipe, BMP lightweight muffler

SkiDoo Rev 800 trail mod  CJ Motorports 860 pump gas big bore
pump gas modifications including head, porting, pipe mod, airbox, timing

Mach Z reed dyno test  trail ported w/ Crankshop twin pipes
compare stock reeds/ cages with Boyeson Rage Valve reeds/ cages

08 Yamaha Nytro  stock evaluation
compare stock vs reduced exhaust backpressure

Yamaha APEX drag engine  MPI supercharged w/ methanol fuel
big bore, stroker w/ Autronics fuel/ spark management built by Woody

D&D F12 Boondocker turbo  New DTR two-cycle record once more
dyno test results of Glenn Hall/ Jason Stoviac's Firecat with this supremely powerful F1200 boosted engine

D&D F1200 N2O engine  new DTR two cylinder HP record
Jason Stoviak and Glenn Hall using D&D & Boondocker N2O to eclipse the DTR two cylinder record

2008 SkiDoo MXZ 800R X  stock dyno and weight evaluation
test data of preproduction unit compared to rev800 DPM early model, plus our own digital scale numbers

new boosted DTR record  Full Power Performance Stage IV RX1 turbo
details of engine mods, incredible HP for 61 cubic inches, FPP 716-699-6299

Dead 1 Dave's F1000  HTG lake race porting w/ D&D pipes
compare D&D Y and D&D single pipe with new D&D twin pipes, all lake race Boondocker tuning

F1000 pump gas big bore  D&D F1200 big bore kit
tested on pump gas with D&D single pipe and D&D twin pipes

Mach Z Boondocker N2O  Boondocker N2O system with 91 octane gasoline
regulated Nitrous Oxide delivery pressure for constant HP added regardless of cylinder head pressure

Trail mod dyno tuning  Mike Gray800HO, BigJohn840, Jason Owen F8
three trail mods in the same trailer, before and after dyno tuning on one day in January.

SkiDoo 600SDI  single pipe comparison, head modification
compare stock pipe to Bikeman modstock, DynoPort, Straightline plus more HP with less compression

07 Polaris Dragon 700  stock evaluation and trail mod
stock with SLP and HTG singles, HTG trailport with stock pipe, SLP single and HTG single

Mach Z ECU comparison...  compare 06 to 07 fuel flow and HP at WOT
06 sea level compared to 07 sea level, 07 medium altitude, and 07 high altitude calibrations (= high HP)

06 SnowWeek/DTR Shootout  stock sleds dyno certified here
stock sleds uncrated and dynotested to ensure stockness, compare cool pipe to hot pipe

MPI SC Apex session two  Art Andre's sled with fuel upgrades
larger capacity fuel pump, Boondocker boost and RPM referenced EFI controller

new NA DTR HP record  DNE 1725cc four cyl two stroke race engine
Tommy McConkey

Yamaha Apex w/ N2O  Boondocker EFI nitrous system evaluation
stock engine vs two three hole nozzles vs two five hole nozzles, all pump gas safe for short blasts so far...

06 SW/DTR SHOOTOUT  some trail/ lake mod entrants' dyno numbers
HTG IQ600, C&J HO860, BMP F1000, HTG pump gas 1200 edge, HTG race gas 1200 edge

07 Cat F8 Trail Mod  D&D ported F8 on pump gas
tested with stock Ypipe stock pipe, D&D Ypipe stock pipe, and D&D Ypipe D&D single pipe stock muffler

Yamaha Apex Supercharged  MPI supercharger kit on stock Apex
12 psi boost on stock engine with 100 octane gas, Excell stainless muffler

Trail mod Firecats  one F7, one F8 best stock muffler performance
Bikeman F7 trailport with Bikeman mod stock pipe, Best Perf F8 trailport stock cyls with BM Fatazz pipe

RK Tek SkiDoo 827 twin  Fred's pump gas trail mod
tested with four single pipes, Bondi airbox, max HP for 20 seconds at WOT on pump gas

07 F1000 trail mod  D&D trailport F1000 on pump gas
compare D&D ported engine, stock pipe stock muffler, D&D pipe stock muffler, D&D pipe D&D muffler

07 Yamaha Phazer  stock evaluation with some air intake mods
tweaking the new four stroke twin to optimize A/F ratio and HP.

07 IQ 600 EFI pipes  compare single pipes
stock pipe/ vs DynoPort pipe/ vs Bikeman modded stock single pipe

07 Polaris EFI IQ600  stock evaluation
compare cool ipe graph vs hot pipe graph; this will help your clutch tuning

Mach Z twin 1250 big bore  Bikeman kit with oversize cast cylinders
Billy Howard's dyno test results, variuos Boondocker tuning, and full blast of Boondocker N2O

2007 Arctic Cat F1000  2007 Arctic Cat F1000 stock evaluation
tested bone stock and with D&D Bullseye modded airbox inlet plus D&D stamped Y pipe

2007 Arctic Cat F1000  jpeg graph of t data included in text article
bone stock vs mod air intake vs D&D Y pipe

Big Bore Fusion 600/660  Sean Ray's 660 tested with single pipes/ cans
stock pipe/ stock muffler vs aftermarket singles/ cans also Bikeman modified stock Fusion 600 pipe

Big Bore Fusion 600/660  Graph of stock exhaust vs other pipes/ cans
experiment, trying to figure out how to get jpeg files into DTR articles

06 Polaris Fusion 600  low buck HP improvements, Aftermarket singles
reeds, airbox mods, aftemarket single pipes, Bikeman stock pipe mod, head cut, all on pump gas

06 Yamaha Apex Turbo  Boondocker GT28RS upgrade turbo kit
sidemount location, dyno tested with 9-1 forged pistons, 12.5 to 27 psi boost dyno results

06 SkiDoo Rev800  single pipe comparison, trail port with Bikem
test stock/ stock pipe vs stock/ Bikeman pipe vs Bikeman trail port with BMP single pipe, all with stock quiet muffler

2007 Arctic Cat Jaguar Z1  all-new 1100 four-stroke twin
JD Powersports' new stocker, pre-breakin, pre-turbo

Turbo Polaris Twin  700 w/ HTG cast cyls, HTG turbo porting
model 66 Aerodyne turbo tuned on dyno for max HP on 990 twin for 660 feet dragracing, new 2 cyl DTR record

05 Mach Z trail mod  HTG ported pump gas engine w/ CS twins
tested with Vforce reeds, stock reeds, then a blast of Compucar N2O--check out the airflow CFM

05 Mach Z trail mod  stock reeds vs VForce3 reeds
compare airflow CFM and HP of reeds on HTG trail ported MachZ, Crankshop twin pipes

Arctic Cat 660 turbo  tuning for much greater pump gas HP
JD Powersports' dynotech research tuning session

boondocker carbed N2O  assessing fuel flow/ time/ HP
float bowl pressure rise is slow, compromises in tuning are necessary for engine survival

boondocker carbed N2O  boondocker's carbed N2O fuel flow analysis
steady state dyno, NA vs button pushed, check time seconds vs fuel flow rise/ HP rise and drop

800 SkiDoo 830 big bore  Tweener SkiDoo 830 big bore revised dyno data
last test baseline w/600 pipe/ vs revised specs w 800 pipe/vs Boss noss N2O stock and modified

SkiDoo800/830 big bore  update info on Randy Haulman's 830 twin
porting/ compression tweeks, back to stock 800 pipe, Boss Noss N20 stock and with modified N2O delivery

04 F8 EFI tuning session  Bikeman F8 w/ Bikeman mod stock single pipe
four Boondocker maps, four dyno results safe for 87 octane to 93 octane, long or short runs

HTG XCR1200  HTG's Shootout Sled, Edge/ XCR1200 stroker
this is the current DTR pump gas king, just what it takes to go 0-117 in 8.6 seconds in a full bodied trail sled

Fusion 600/660 big bore  Rex Ray's Fusion 600 fitted with 700 pistons
Sean Ray's project sled tested with stock pipe and muffler, tuned to max pump gas HP

Fusion 900/ HTG 975  Fusion 900 w/ overbored stock cylinders
HTG 975 tested with HTG single pipe, Boondocker nitrous oxide tested separately

Polaris Fusion 900  Fusion 900 single pipe comparison
stock pipe vs SLP single vs Dynoport single, stock muffler vs SLP muffler vs Dynoport muffler, Dynoport Y

DynoTech certification  05 SnowWeek/DTR Adirondack Shootout
compare all 600 class engines, compare all unlimited class engines, compare SkiDoo supplied hot ECUs

05 F7 EFI bone stock  non-Boondocker single pipe options
text & dyno data, stock pipe vs Speedwerx pipe vs Bikeman modstock pipe, SW Can vs stock Muffler

05 F7 EFI bone stock  non-Boondocker single pipe options
GRAPH stock pipe vs SW pipe SW can vs SW pipe stock muffler vs Bikeman mod stock pipe stock muffler

05 Cat F7 carbureted  Text & Data on F7 (overlay graph below 12/17)
stock vs D&D F7 monster single vs Bikeman modified stock pipe, torque & HP

05 Cat F7 carbureted  single pipe options with quiet stock muffler
Stock pipe vs two runs D&D Monster F7 vs two runs Bikeman modded stock pipe, all w/ quiet muffler

Polaris Dragon 800 2009  stock evaluation w/ aftermarket tuning
compare box stock with proper tuning, various pipe combos.

SkiDoo MXZ800 twin  RK Tek 827 (830cc) big bore TEXT & DATA
tested with quiet stock pipe, compare stock vs bored carbs, all pump gas

SkiDoo MXZ 800  Stock MXZ800 vs. RK Tek 827 Big Bore
stock pipe/ stock muffler on both engines, graph only, tesxt to follow

04 F6 Carbed Firecat  stock EV opening RPM is way too late
graph of stock curve vs stock EV locked open vs normal EV operation and D&D Monster F6/7 single pipe

04 carbed F6 Arctic Cat  dyno tuned to max, pipe comparison
test data stock tuned to max, lock EX Valves open, then new D&D monster F6/F7 single with stock muffler

05 Mach Z Trail Mod  Chuckaroo Motorsports trail mod mach Z
Extensive trail porting, 12.5/1 compression, Dobeck EFI controller, Crankshop quiet twin pipes

05 Mach Z trail mod GRAPH  Chuckaroo Motorsports 203-943-3344 text 11/2
CMS trail porting, 12.5/1 lake race domes, Crankshop Twin pipes, Mark Dobek

DDF9ss vs Glenn's F7  Monster Singles and Boondockers on both
you must observe the overall HP curve and fuel floow (lower right part of graph)

D&D F9ss/ Monster Single  quiet stock muffler, boondocker tuned
graph on lower right is fuel flow lb/hr, note difference in RPM HP peak with different fuel flow

DD F9ss w/ monster single  tuning with boondocker for trail/ lake race
also Glenn Hall's very evil F7 single pipe lake racer, tested with Monster Single, 110 octane, Boondocker

"hot" 04 F7 EFI stocker  graph only of various exhaust configurations
stock exhaust, D&D ypipe with stock tuned pipe, D&D ypipe with Bikeman mod stock pipe, test on 10/23

F7 EFI "hot" stocker  stock baseline vs quiet pipe mods
D&D Ypipe, Bikeman modified stock single, then a set of Bikeman trail ported pump gas cylinders!!

Graphic Comparison  stock header vs Excell Motorsports header
Graphic comparison of airflow CFM vs HP

05 Vector stock tuneup  stock header vs Excell Motorports 3-1 header
check out airflow CFM as it relates to drastically altered HP curve, all with zero sound increase

Graph of RX1 vs APEX  horspower curve graphic comparison
RX1 is average of Bender's fisrst 10 runs, Apex is our first 2 runs, note HP shift at 7750

2006 Yamaha Apex  2006 Yamaha Apex stock dyno evaluation
tested stock and also with Excell Motorsports New Generation center outlet muffler

F7 tested with 03-06 ecus  scott norine's wife's 04 as a guinea pig
03,04,05,06 ecu plus D&D Ypipe, Monster single, added timing

2006 Fusion 600 Stage II  adding airflow CFM and adding HP
ported carb boots, larger bore carbs, higher compression pump gas head......

'06 Polaris Fusion 600  Sean Ray's dad's brand new sled here today
break in, the dial carbs in to perfection, then adding even more CFM & HP with Sean's airbox mods

F7 Carb SFD tuneup files  free Windyne software wwww.superflow.com
use windyne software to do graphic comparisons of these tests, same as we use here

F7 carb further tuneup  nipped head, Bikeman stock pipe, D&D Ypipe
this is an 11 test tuneup, highlights show various combos that can add up to 150+ HP

Rx1 Turbo Drag Sled  Bender Stage 3, 1000cc discplacement
low compression pistons, forged rods, gonzo ball bearing turbo w/ gonzo boost on race gas

Bikeman Performance Big Bore Stock Stroke tested with single pipe, SLP twins, D&D twins

Tom Pechler's XCR600/800  dyno tuned today by Tom's wife Kim
Tom's stationed in Iraq, watched the dyno session live on internet, with this he can get the SFD files and see results

Firecat F9 evaluations  D&D Powersports F9 and F9ss
F9 tested with twin pipes, F9ss tested with new Monster single pipe and importantly quiet stock muffler

stock XLT600 triple, baseline tested with Polaris oil, then treat and switch to Blue Marble, then back to Polaris oil again

SkiDoo800 twin tuneup  DynoPort pipe, Bender can, HTG port, ign tmng
Cooper Sales & Service SkiDoo 440rev/ 800x transplant, tuning from 142 to 157 HP

05 Mach Z trail ported  DNE Performance Mach Z tuneup
also some very violent DNE radar run engines--1234cc quad and a quadzilla 1563 all-engine record breaker at DTR

05 Firecat F7 EFI  D&D twin pipes fitted to stock OEM muffler
compare torque, HP, airflow CFM between stock single pipe and new Twins

'05 Polaris IQ 440  a broad powerband, nearly 4 hp/ cu. in.

HTG Polaris XCR1080  Tom Tyson's wicked pump gas trail sled
upgraded with new HTG High Volume quiet trail pipes

BikeMan EV Spacer kit  Carbed F7 tested before and after....
excellent midrange Airflow CFM and HP improvements

04 SnowWeek/ DTR Shootout  dyno test rsults of Shootout sleds
here are the actual numbers of stock sleds prior to woodgate field shootout, thank you SnowWeek

SkiDoo trailmod twins  600/734 bigbore, 800 Bondi, 800/830 bigbore
pump gas skidoo twins, this time with correct 830 data with corrected ignition timing

05 F7 tuneup data  one carbed 05 w/ n2o, one "blueprinted" EFI
broken printer, no 3.5" discs, this is the easiest way to get these guys their data, plus it is interesting...

SFD files PX800 and ZR900  pump gas dyno results, ProX800 and ZR900
SLP trail mod single pipe, SLP stock engine twin pipe ZR900 Cat

Arctic Cat Potpourri  meaningful Cat dyno test results
D&D F8 stock single pipe, new D&D twins, D&D 1010, 05 F7-- stock, added timing, reduced fuel psi, Stumpy's 04 F7 w/ key, dropped fuel psi, Thing can

05 SkiDoo MachZ  first dyno test, after breakin hours
this is the test we did during our inaugural LSV session

05 SkiDoo MachZ SFD file  cool engine, hot pipe
more details coming this PM

2005 Polaris Fusion  SuperFlowData (SFD) files
dyno test data stock, various airbox mods

2005 Polaris Fusion  STOCK DYNO EVALUATION
fine tuning airbox for maximum stock HP rewards us with added HP

'05 F7 EFI dyno test  bone stock with 2 degree key--an anomoly?
10% lower fuel flow than normal, then tested with Speedwerx pipe and then PAC reduced fuel flow.........

05 Firecat EFI F7  SFD files SuperflowDataFiles
bone stock, Speedwerx single pipe, reduced top end fuel pressure w/ D&D pac valve

1999 Polaris XCR800  pump gas performance improvements!
proper jetting, DynoPort triple pipes, Dynoport muffler, VForce reeds, timing = incredible HP pump gas bang for the buck

XCR800 Tuneup....  SuperFlowData Files (SFD) for examination
to view these, you must click on www.superflow.com (link is on our homepage), download free Windyne software

04 SkiDoo SDI 600  stage tuning the EFI 600 twin SkiDoo
comparing pitted poor leakdown stock rings to fresh aftermarket top end, compression bump, DynoPort pipe/ can, aftermarket reeds, etc...

04 600 SkiDoo SDI  seven SFD (SuperFlowData) files from 7/24/04
use your free SuperFlow Windyne software to compare/ overlay graph this and other test data SFD files

Polaris XC600  SLP twin pipes added to John T's dyno mule
airbox mods, jetting tweaks, timing bumps, tuning for max pump gas HP on the Sean Ray XC600 low buck "tuneup".

XC600 twin pipe upgrade  SuperFlowData (SFD) files
raw data form our dyno, you can mix and match and see all variables and correction factors during our test session

another Firecat F8  Bikeman stock cyl F8 with modified stock pipe
Mike Zigmont's most powerful stock F7 bumped up to 800cc Sorry non-Cat guys this is very significant. SkiDoo and Pol stuff coming next.

Ziggy's F8 Bikeman engine  SuperFlow data files
click on SuperFlow on our home page, download free Windyne software, compare these runs with othe SFD's on site

2005 F7 EFI SFD FILES  03/04/05 comparisons
use your free SuperFlow Windyne software to graphically observe. compare, etc

2005 F7 EFI EVALUATION  well broken in sleds with 03/04 and 05 ECU's
injector flow rates may have huge impact on tuning, Fuel pressure drop/ timing advance to add 10 HP once again.

05 REDLINE REVOLT 800  early production unit
800 two-stroke case reed twin, stock evaluation with fuel/ airflow tweeks for max HP

05 REDLINE REVOLT 800  SuperFlowData files for your perusal

2005 Yamaha Vector  complete dyno evaluation
compare to RX1, Cat 660 turbo, etc

2005 Yamaha Vector SFD  SuperFlowData files
compare graphs on your own Superflow free Windyne download

Arctic Cat F7/F8 big bore  another one, this time by Bikeman Performance
LT Bill DeFranco, max power w/ stock single pipe, SLP twin pipes for pump gas and a separate 100 octane dragrace tuneup

LT/ Bikeman F7/F8  SFD (SuperFlowData)
use the freee SuperFlow Windyne software to graph/ compare/ analyze these dyno tests

04 F7 Carbureted  SFD (SuperFlowData) of F7 Carb dyno session
download SuperFlow free software (click link), move these tests to disc, do your own graphs, see all other data from each test

04 F7 carbureted  final test session (for now)
dyno test with timing backed off, compare dyno numbers with hood closed and air filter membrane attached

04 F7 Carbureted vs EFI  we figured this thing out, carb HP can = EFI
check this out with 9 degrees added ignition timing (!!) and exhaust valves cranked WFO, EFI owners read'em & weep

F7 EFI ECU COMPARISON  Chris Heaven's trail mod Iantomassi F7 EFI
test B is with stock F7 EFI ECU, test C is with F6 ECU--note huge difference in EG valve opening and fuel flow lb/hr

04 F7 CARBURETED  compare HP curve with EFI version
we found the missing airflow CFM, still looking for a few missing HP...

jetting, airbox mods, reeds, reeds, carb boot mods, timing tweeks, compression increase, aftermarket pipe...

2004 F6 Carbureted  EFI vs Carb
modify ignition timing, fuel flow, carb venting, compare early vs late muffler

F7 EFI performance tuneup  D&D F8 big bore cylinders
assess performace with stock single pipe and muffler, also with D&D twin pipes and can, all on pump gas

04 ProX800 Tuneup  cheaply bumping HP from 128 to 151 HP
carb tuning, airbox mods, ignition timing, reed testing (read this before you buy reeds for your ProX800), SLP pipe and can...

'04 Cat F7 EFI TOONUP  Bill DeFranco's next dyno session...
stock bore 700, leaned out fuel flow, advanced timing, Arctic Cat race boxes (1000' and 500')

04 Firecat F6 EFI tuneup  plus interesting comparison w/ 04 F6 carbed
EFI water temp, fuel mods, timing changes, all on 92 octane pump gas

2004 Arctic Cat 660 turbo  world's highest boost production gas engine?

F7 Firecat EFI Big Bore  APC 800cc F8 kit, dyno tested
dyno airflow CFM is directly proportional to HP increase--fuel and timing adjustment are required

2004 F7 EFI Firecat  tweaking stock ECU fuel curve for MORE HP
direct comparison of 2003 vs 2004 ECU programming, dropping the BSFC to .70 on top end w/o leaning midrange

'04 Arctic Cat F7 EFI  fuel flow/ HP w/ factory "drag pack" ECU's
Bill "looneytune" DiFranco working his way up to gonzo HP first with factory 1000' and 500' dragrace ECU programming

SkiDoo Rev 800HO  stage tuning by Kevin Freeman
jetting, timing, DNE ported cylinders, DynoPort pipe, Bender silencer, tuning done by Sled Shop, Presque Isle, ME

AMSNOW SHOOTOUT '03  dyno certification dyno test data/ info
including lost F6 EFI dyno test, all dyno data, comments, RX1 breakin session

FEEDBACK--BACKFEED  rethinking Brake Specific Fuel Consumption
upcoming tests: Cat F7 800 big bore, SkiDoo and Pol 800 twins, New DTR High Altitude dyno, AMSNOW certification testing

2004 Yamaha RX1  Bender Stage III Engine & Turbo System
DynoTech's most powerful snowmobile ever tested here!

Polaris 680 Ultra  final chapter: upgrade to 1080cc
HTG Big Bore cylinder kit, quiet pipes, Megatron carbs

dyno "stage" tuning  2004 SkiDoo Rev 600 dyno session text & data!
jetting, ignition timing, airbox mods, Vforce reeds, Bender muffler, DynoPort single pipe

dyno "stage" tuning  Polaris XC600 SuperFlow dyno test text & data
jetting, ignition timing, Vforce reeds, boost bottle, thicker basegaskets, higher compression, airbox mods (thanks Patty Denicola)

tuneUP article  Arctic Cat F7 Firecat EXTREME TUNEUP!!!!!
airbox mods, Vforce3 reeds, aftermarket pipe, radical fuel flow adjustments, shocking HP improvements

tuneup article  ZR800 low buck tuneup continued....
dyno data from test number 006, aftermarket Ypipe with stock tuned pipe, which I forgot to include in the previous article.

tuneup article  ZR800 low-buck tuneup
jetting, airbox mods, Ypipe mod on Carl McQuillen's semi-stocker

article on RX1 H.P.  the RX1 HP disparity from day 1 to day 2??
we discovered the cause of the missing RX1 HP!! ??

article online Friday:  RX1 sudden power gain mystery solved??
it happened again on a turbo RX1 while on the dyno-- lost airflow and HP, but we figured it out and got it back!!

'02 AmSnow Shootout  "A view from the controls"
the 700's and Big Bores, dyno tested and piloted at the Shootout by DynoTech performance maven Sean Ray.

02 AmSnow Shootout  A View from the Controls
observations of American Snow Shootout dyno & field testing, small bore class by Sean Ray

Pipe Shootout Update  2002 Polaris XC800 Twin Pipe Shootout
Twin Pipes from Aaen,CPI,HTG,PSI and SLP ....... Which would you buy???

Now Here  American Snowmobiler Shootout
dyno certification 12/2, 12/3 results posted now!

2003 Polaris ProX 440  incredible single pipe HP!
the "mystery pushbutton" is the finest creation that Sean and Jim have invented yet! details inside!

pumping air into the four-cycle engine to make more HP.

Yamaha RX1 update...  same sled, new day, more airflow and HP!?
you will be as surprised as we were!

2003 Yamaha RX1  Stock Evaluation
Comments on the dyno performance of our first production RX1. SuperFlow 901 engine dyno, connected directly to RX1 engine output shaft

Single Pipe Shootout  2002 Polaris XC800
Contributing editor Jim Czekala

High Altitude  High Altitude Observations
Contributing Editor Bill Davis-High Altitude Observations

Old Forge Shoot-Out 2001  Old Forge Shoot-Out XII
Contributing Editor Sean Ray - Battle of Old Forge Shoot-Out XII December 2001 with Dyno Test Results

Volume 7 Number 1  97 ZRT,Mach I,RMK,96 MXZ,680 SPX,Ultra
97zrt600PipeShootout,700Mach I & Race Imp,700 RMK,96 MXZ 670 Perf Imp,680 SPX/600BigBoreSPS,600ZRT,KCameronDetonation

Volume 6 Number 6  Old Forge VI,600
Battle of Old Forge VI,600/800 Field Shootout/Dealer Prep,96 680 XCR SP,96 ZRT 600 Pipe Update,K Cameron-Detonation

Volume 6 Number 5  96 Ultra,800 Storm,95 Mach I,96 MXZ 580
96 Ultra Pipe Update,95-96 800 Storm Comp,Turbocharged MXZ 670,V-Max 750 Twin,680 Ultra,95 Mach I Perf,96 SkiDoo MXZ 580,Formula III,KCameron-Airboxes

Volume 6 Number 4  96 Ultra,95 XCR 600,Formula SLS,ZRT 600
96 Ultra Perf & Two Stroke,95 XCR 600 Pipe Shootout,96 SkiDoo Formula SLS,96 ZRT 600,Turbo V-Max 800 & XCR 600,KCameron-Oxygenated Fuels

Volume 6 Number 3  Old Forge V,V-Max 600,580 ZR,Mach I & MXZ
Old Forge V,Gyt Kit - V-Max 600,Arctic Cat 580 ZR Shootout,95 SkiDoo Mach I & MXZ,V-Force Reeds - ZRT800,Mod Carb & Vaporation,KCameron-Suspensions

Volume 6 Number 2  800 ZRT,Formula Z,440 XCR,SkiDoo MX/Mxz,V-max
95 Arctic Cat 800ZRT,94 SkiDoo Formula Z,95 Polaris 440 XCR,SkiDoo MX to MXZ,Decibels,Turbo V-Max 600,KCameron- Combustion

Volume 6 Number1  V-Max 800,Thundercat,XCR 600,Storm,Mach Z
95 Yamaha V-Max 800,94 Thundercat Pipe Shootout,800 Storm & Mach Z Modifications,94 Polaris XCR 600 Stock Evaluation,KCameron-Suspensions

Volume 5 Number 6  Old Forge IV,Indy XCR,Mach Z,V-Max 600
Old Forge IV,94 Indy XLT w/Triple Pipes,94 Mach Z w/Jawes Pipes,94 Yamaha V-Max 600,KCameron-Emissions Control & Two Stroke Engines

Volume 5 Number 5  700 ZR,Indy XLT,Thundercat,580ZR,Formula Z
94 Arctic Cat 700ZR,94 Indy XLT-SLP Pipes & Trail Chambers,1000cc T-Cat,94 Arctic Cat 580ZR,94 Formula Z,Turbo Formula Z,KCameron-Torque & Horsepower

Volume 5 Number 4  V-max 500 & 600,650 RXL & Mach I 670,94Storm
94 V-Max 500 & 600,Turbocharged 650 RXL & Mach I 670,200+ HP V-Max 4,Mach I 670 Perf Impro,94 Indy 800 Storm,KCameron-Clutching & Pipe Temperature

Volume 5 Number 3  93 Exciter SX,Indy XLT,Turbo Wildcat 700
93 Exciter SX Pipe Shootout,Indy XLT Pipe Update,Turbo Wildcat 700,KCameron-Octane,Engine Cooling,Turbocharging & Fuel "Puddling"

Volume 5 Number 2  93 Storm,V-Max 4,Phazer SX,A/C 550 EFi
93 Polaris Storm Perf Improvements,93 V-Max 4 Pipe Shootout,89 Yamaha Phazer SX Pipe Shootout,93 Arctic Cat 550 EFI,Dynometer Testing

Volume 5 Number 1  Old Forge III,Shootout 580,650 & 750
Old Forge III,Dyno/Field Shootout 580,650 & 750,Arctic Cat T-Cat,92 AWS Wildcat Porting&PSI Pipes,KCameron-Transfer Port Design Turbo Indy 580 XLT

Volume 4 Number 6  93 XLT,V-Max 4,Formula MX,550 EXT Spec,Mach I
93 XLT 580 Perf,93 V-Max4,SkiDoo Formula MX Perf,EXT Special 550 Pipe Update,Torsion Vib,Mach I 617 Turbo,Exciter II Turbo,KCameron-Carburetors

Volume 4 Number 5  92 EXT,92 Formula Plus,Turbo V-Max
92 EXT Special Performance Improvements & Pipe Shoot-Out,92 Formula Plus X,ZR 500 Top End Kit,Turbocharged V-Max 4,KCameron-Heresy and Revolution

Volume 4 Number 4  92 EXT,92 Formula Plus X,RZ 500,Turbo V-Max4
92 EXT Special Perf Improvements,EXT Stock & Mod Pipe Shootout,92 Formula Plus X, RZ 500 Top End Kit,Turbo V-Max 4,KCameron-Port Areas

Volume 4 Number 3  93 Indy 583,Exciter II,V-Max 4,90Prowler 440
93 Polaris Indy 583XLT,91Exciter II Pipe Shootout,V-Max 4 Pressure & Carb,90 Prowler 440 Perf. Stock & Modified Shootout,KCameron-Combustion Mixtures

Volume 4 Number 2  Old Forge II,Musclesled,Mach I,V-Max4,Indy
Battle of Old Forge II,Musclesled Shootout,92 Mach I-Perf,V-Max 4 Tuneup,Indy 500 EFI Pipe & Head Cut,700 Wildcat 91&92,V-Max 4 Carb Problems

Volume 4 Number 1  92 Wildcat,Phazer,Mach IX,Carb Weights
92 Wildcat 700,Modified Yamaha Phazer,92 Mach IX,Stock 700 Wildcat Pipe Shootout,Carb Weights 87-90 Exciter,KCameron-Two Stroke Cooling Systems

Volume 3 Number 6  91 V-Max,EXT,Mach I,92 Indy
91 V-Max 4,91 EXT Special,92 Polaris Indy 500EFI,Turbocharged Indy 500,91 Mach I, Mod 700 Wildcat,91 Indy 650 Pipe Update,KCameron-Combustion Chambers

Volume 3 Number 5  91 Mach I,Yamaha&Indy,90 Arctic Cat,Exciter
Nitrous Inj 91 Mach I,91 Yamaha SRV Shootout,90 Arctic Cat Cougar,91 Indy 650 Pipe Update,PSI 650 Exciter Twin & 750 Polaris Triple,KCameron-Oil

Volume 3 Number 4  Tech Issue,Air Density & Engine Performance
Tech Issue, Air Density & Eng. Performance,EFI & Pipe Temp,Engine Boring & Stroking,Machining a Stroked Two-Cycle Motor

Volume 3 Number 3  91 Indy,I-500 Snowmobiles,V-Max 4,91 Mach IX
Mod 91 Indy 650,I-500 Cert-Polaris 400XC,Arctic Cat Prowler, Ski Doo MX-X,Yamaha SRV,91 Mach IX Shootout,V-Max 4,KCameron-Fuel Vaporixation & Per

Volume 3 Number 2  Old Forge,90 Wildcat 650,86 V-Max,91 Indy
Battle of Old Forge,SLP Reeds & Trail Porting 650 Wildcat,86 Formula III V-Max,91 Indy 650 Carb,KCameron-Fuel Volatility & Performance

Volume 3 Number 1  91 Exciter ,91 Mach I,91 EXT ,91 Indy,BMEP
91 Exciter II,Brake Mean Effective Pressure,91 Mach I,91 EXT Special,91 Indy 500 Stock & Pipe Update,KCameron-New V-Max 4

Volume 2 Number 6  91 Wildcat,91 Indy,86 V-Max,Indy 500
91 Wildcat Carbureted 700,91 Indy 650 Carbureted,86 Ported V-Max updated,Excellent Engines,89 Mod Indy 500-SLP Pipes,KCameron-Tuning & Temp

Volume 2 Number 5  91 Mach I,87 Yamaha V-Max,84 El Tigre,91 Indy
91 Mach I Prototype,87 Yamaha V-Max,84 El Tigre 6000,91 Indy 400,KCameron-Crankshafts

Volume 2 Number 4  90 Middleweights,89 Wildcat,Turbo Indy 650
90 Middleweights-Indy 500 SP,Arctic Cat EXT Special,Formula Plus 500,89 Wildcat 650,Turbo Indy 650,KCameron-91 Yamaha 4 cyl

Volume 2 Number 3  88 Wildcat,89 Indy 500,90 Polaris RXL,Exhaust
Stock 88 Wildcat Shootout, Modified 89 Indy 500 Shootout, Stock 90 Polaris RXL,KCameron-Making Two-Stroke Exhaust Systems

Volume 2 Number 2  Phazer,Mach I,90 Arctic Cat Prowler,Nitrous
Modified Phazer Shootout,90 Arctic Cat Prowler,FIII Mach I Shootout,Nitrous Oxide,EFI Update,KCameron-Crankshaft Vibrations

Volume 2 Number 1  89/90 Indy 650,89/90 Mach I,Indy 500,2-Stroke
89/90 Indy 650 Comparison,89/90 Mach I Comparison,89 Stock Indy 500,Thermal Coating,Compression Ratios,KCameron/Two-Stroke Engines

Volume 1 Number 6  89 Mach I,89 El Tigre,Fuel Systems
89 Mach I Pipe Shootout & Tune Up,89 El Tigre 6000 Stock & Modified,Thermal Coating,Dyno Terms Refresher,KCameron-Fuel Systems & EFI

Volume 1 Number 5  89 Mach I,Slick 50,Klotz Nitro,Indy 400
89 Mach I Modifications & Pipe Shootout,Dial-A-Jet,Slick 50 Treatment,Klotz Nitro Additive,Big Bore Indy 400/440,KCameron-Reading Pistons

Volume 1 Number 4  89 Exciter, Formula Plus, Wildcat, Detonation
Ported Exciter,Bad Vibrations,Airbox Modification,89 Formula Plus,89 Wildcat Formula III,Wildcat Carbs,KCameron-Detonation

Volume 1 Number 3  89 Wildcat 650, 89 Indy 650, 89 ArcticCat EXT
Stock & Modified 89 Wildcat 650, 89 Indy 650 Pipe Shootout, 89 Arctic Cat EXT,Brake Specific Fuel Consumption,KCameron-Variable Exhaust Timing

Volume 1 Number 2  88 Phazer, 89 Mach I, 88 Formula Plus,89 Indy
88 Phazer pipe shootout, 89 Mach I, Modified 88 Formula Plus, Airflow, Stock 89 Indy 400 & 500,KCameron-Two Stroke Engines

Volume 1 Number 1  88 Exciter, Formula Plus, Wildcat, 74 Mercury
Dyno Terms, 88 Exciter pipe shootout & PSI needles, Stock 88 Forluma Plus,Cold Air vs Hot Air-RAD, Stock 88 Wildcat 650, 74 Mercury 400 Snowtwister




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